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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Morning with old donkey

I've been spending quiet time alone with Jack, bonding, which we seem to have accomplished. He follows me around like a dog. He is a loner, but mainly because he can't kick out anymore, and isn't able to defend his food around the three minis, who I call the 'possee'. He has two special spots in the pasture he has claimed. He loves to have his head held. His ears remind of a brown bear so sometimes I called him Fuzz, or Buzz. But I've been calling him Giacomo. He's like many old men I've known- when you get to be this old, you've seen a lot of loss, and you accept it, but it starts to take its toll.


Emma said...

I love these portraits of Jack.

Sharon Stanley said...

he is just the sweetest thing ever...

Barbie Doll Restorations said...

Love these images. The one of his eye is amazing.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I'm thoroughly bonded. He is the sweetest soul ever. Follows me like a dog.

Anonymous said...

He's a lovely animal.

Tai said...

Oh, the stories those ears could tell. There's something so soulful and melancholy about that single fuzzy ear tip...I find myself meditating on that photo.

Teresa said...

Oh Katherine.
When I read your HEART on FBook I had to pop over.
I am so so sorry you have lost such a special special beautiful soul. I know your heart must be broken.
Just know that I am thinking about you and just can't imagine YOU losing this amazing creature. I am so sorry Katherine. Snuggles to you all. xo

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