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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Take time to notice

Take time to notice something today, anything, that moves you, even for seconds. A juxtaposition of colors or textures. Old wood that has a history of footprints. The calling of a living creature that makes you turn your head. If you don't have chickens, what is the pattern of the car seat, or the shoes of the person on the subway? What does the hair on your hand look like up close? If you feel anything, incorporate that feeling into your day, through memory, writing or art.


Barbie Doll Restorations said...

Today, like many days before, I took the time to notice how just two of one of my cat's whiskers are turned upwards on each side of her muzzle. And how long her lashes are. I can actually feel my heart get fuzzy when I see her that way. I call that "looking at her with love in my eyes". And I tell her that I see her. She knows. I know she knows.

Jody said...

such a good idea - a good thing to do, observe! The little hairs that stick out between my Good Dog's paws. Aaahhh...

Rhonda said...

Thanks for giving pause so beautifully.

hawksnestfarm said...

oooh yes, I love this... and close your eyes and listen and smell too...all the senses! xo :)

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