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Friday, November 26, 2010

Donkey Friday

With the air thawing, I found the donkeys examining snow mud, and exploring around Gaicomo's grave. A small pool developed around the rock stones, making it a serene, morning destination. The rains have returned, the water buckets are thawed, even Rogue Chicken returned to her roost.

I suggested to Pino we could be out in a group of Black Friday shoppers. I think his expression in the first picture says what his response was. We considered having a Black Donkey Friday, but the only black donkey we had was Giacomo, and we took the hoof vote and all agreed it was not proper. So, we shall just be here, where it is not Black Friday, it's just Donkey Friday.

And I'm not even going to post links to all the stuff you can buy here. That's my Thanksgving gift to all of us. That was Paco's suggestion.