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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sometimes your beard freezes

Old Man Guinnias sports his new frozen beard, a temporary fashion statement. The chickens are not pleased at all with the weather, nor is the resident farmer, as the water buckets are frozen.

However, I am grateful that Rogue Chicken, aka Henny Jenny, made it through two nights outside the coop. She and I had an altercation during the heavy rainstorm on Monday, because she refused to leave the new barn to go 100 feet to her coop. She also refused to be carried. After many harsh words on my part- I mean, I was extremely wet and cold after trying to catch Rogue Chicken- she fled into the icy and steep blackberry bramble. After attempts to get her, I declared it was her life and she could do what she wanted but I was not going to kill myself trying to help her. She slept in the hay barn, warm, and lived to see another day. So today, one of my tasks is to convince Rogue Chicken to get back to her coop.

More postings later today. Must warm finger tips now.


Sharon Stanley said...

my advice: show rogue chicken the turkey basting on your stove.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Sharon! My visiting 85 year old mother - who grew up on ND farm- said the same thing. No chickens will die today.

Kate on Clinton said...

I just love reading about your daily life...so exotic to this urban dweller.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy Apifera Thanksgiving!

Amber said...

Hehe! I do wonder sometimes why the chickens refuse to visit their warm sheltered home! I got 5 new "Top Hat" chickens the other day and 1 got out of the barnyard and climbed the mountain in front of the barn. Soooo here I was climbing the mountain to catch the little guy...and I did. The entire way down he pecked me. So much for helping!

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