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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here I am

I spent the last days thinking of what I wanted to write for a Thanksgiving post. I realized that this entire blog is a Thanksgiving, and has been since Day One some five years ago when I began it.

I give my thanks internally on a daily basis. When it snows, which it did this past week, I thank the old barn, the mistress of the farm who hides her occupants in her internal corners, free from wind and water from clouds. Each night I do feedings, I am greeted by three sets of ear tips, some quiet brays and rustling of loose hay above me in a loft no longer used. The smell of the barn and her gentle moanings in a light wind are comforting, the same feeling I had as a child hiding in my sumac fort, protected from the wind, but able to feel it in drafts.

I live my life here with the same heart as I had long ago as that young girl in a sumac fort. I'm older now, with more animals, and I can retreat to the barn to stay dry. Even back then as a child, I knew this barn was somewhere, waiting for me. I am rich because of that.


Cathy said...

I am thankful for you and your stories and your wisdom, Katherine. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Martyn and everyone at Apifera.

Sharon Stanley said...

there is something about barns...they all look somewhat alike....the pens are always a bit crooked, there are always drafts, always a few places for mice to hide in and they all have the same smells....very much like coming home. your photos are exquisite as always and the sentiments from the heart. happy thanksgiving to you.

Amber said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a wonderful day! Love your post. There's nothing in the world like my little barn. To me it's the most peaceful place in the world...where I like to go when I'm upset or need some thinking time. I'm thankful for each board and each inhabitant of our little barn.

Jody said...

I give thanks for your generous heart and wonderful stories - your gift for writing, which you share. This morning you have me in mind of barns and forts. We have a barn, but it is not used for animals (except for the hidden ones which rustle when I turn on the lights!) and I think that we need another! Many thanks

Unknown said...

Katherine, this is another absolutely beautiful post and I doubt that anyone else could write it more succinctly! Bless you and your farm :)

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