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Friday, March 04, 2011

Love note from Matilda

Apifera received a nice note from Matilda's temporary caretakers up at Lavender Dreams Farm and Donkey Rescue with this picture of her, and some of the other Magnificent Nine, as they have been dubbed. The note said "Matilda says to tell you she is waiting for you and has been, all of her life." Some relationships take a long time to develop under the hidden covers of the universe guides.

Pino, or Pino the Puppet, maybe both, have been conspiring in the barn all week...I try to stay out of their business and just let them be donkey and puppet, but if I see smoke coming from the barn, I step in. So I'm not sure what they are up too, but I have heard them practicing to spell "Matilda". I will of course relay, or they will, and necessary messages fit for human ears.

In the meantime, if you or a friend has room and can adopt one of the other Magnificent Nine, please contact Lavender Dreams Farm - they are safe there, but the farm can only accommodate and care for so many donkeys. Taking in a donkey is a commitment as they live to be 25-35+, and need foot care at least 5 times a year. But they are charming, sociable, loving, and intelligent. They add to your life, if you are lucky enough to have the time and inner desire to communicate with them. They will rock your heart.

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Anonymous said...

Funny picture. Reminds me of the grade school class photos where we were lined up by height. Matilda gets to be in front.

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