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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some times your beard gets wet

To combat the dreary weather and take my mind off the fact it is the wettest March in Oregon history, I jumped right into the donkey and goat paddock and crawled in mud to capture the essence of muck.

I'll share those pictures with you later, but Iris caught my eye. When I went to buy Iris and Stella, back in 2004 when we first moved to the farm, they were 3 months old. I picked Stella out immediately as she was a real looker. When I picked out Iris in a mass of rambuncious goats, the farmer said, "Well, she might tender up someday." Iris always has, and always will, remind me of a monkey. She's smart, mischievous and swings from trees.

The picture below captivated me when I got back to my computer. It looked like a staged background. I drew myself into her curled ears, swinging as she moved and I said a prayer,

"Please, don't let me ever forget what her curled ears looked like, no matter how old or demented I get."


farmlady said...

What a sweet post... a prayer to remember Iris and her curled ears. I love this. Each animal has such presence in our lives. Iris is beautiful.
I notice that you sold a painting at a Sacramento Gallery to help the Grace Foundation animal rescue. They struggle so with the finances of what they do. We contribute on a regular basis and I just wanted to say thank you.
Stay dry up there...

Jody said...

When you are old and gray and have impossibly long earlobes yourself (not curly)my wish for you is that you can wrap yourself in these memories of Apifera. You so deserve that. And so much more.

turquoise cro said...

Iris looks like she is about to fly!!hehe How adorable she is!! Happy Week-end Apifera critters!!

Brandi Marie said...

I can't remember how I first found your blog (someone else linked to it on their blog I believe) even though it wasn't long ago. But now I find myself coming here again and again to check in on you and your beautiful animals. And on the rough days (like yesterday), to close my eyes and pretend that I am living on a farm surrounded by warm lambs, and silly goats, and mud.

And now I've gone and bought myself a copy of your book, which I am enjoying very much! So I just wanted to say-- Hello, I'm Brandi. I like to share my life with (and paint) animals as well. Thanks for sharing all that you do :)

Apifera Farm said...

What nice comments from everyone- thank you. The idea of my earlobes being long and saggy made me laugh, and cringe...since my neck already sags, well, I guess my ears will go next. Thank you too, Brandi for buying my book - I hope you enjoy it!

Delisa said...

What dear little ears! I feel absolutely certain that wherever life takes you Katherine, you will hold these curly ears and all the love of your animals deep and protected in your heart. The thoughts and memories will come up in unexpected surges of joy forever. I know I have said it before but I wanted to tell you again how much my family and I enjoy your blog and stories. We never eat a cherry pie without thinking about your story. You would be surprised how many times we have sat at dinner and my husband tired, after his long day will ask happily as he passes the potatoes: "How is Pino and the gang doing?" Delisa :)

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