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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make pie not war

Pino's Pie Day is fast approaching - Sunday June 19 - and I have officially begun floating in my Pre Pie Day Head. This allows me to imagine the new things I want to bring to Pie Day. I sit by the fire at night and share a multitude of ideas with The Dirt Farmer and he patiently listens. I withhold some ideas knowing it's a fine line between sharing ideas and overloading him into a panic. Apifera would be lost if the Dirt Farmer just went into a zombie state of Katherine Idea Overload, or worse, ran down the road to live by his beloved river front only to communicate with fish.

But this month, he'll build a new shade area within the Donkey Hug Area, so we can sit and commune with Pino and friends in any kind of weather. It will be handy year round as shade and shelter for the sheep, and any donkeys I might have a hankering to sit with. I'll lolly gag over to the raspberry bramble, pick fruit and enjoy the juices of the earth at leisure, donkey on the side.

I made this apron today, all raggedy of course. You can buy it over at Pino's Apron Gallery where all sales help donkeys and senior creatures in need. I think making pie instead of war would be good advice these days, any day for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! That apron is so cute!

I wish I could attend a pie day, keep those ideas flowing and have a happy week!

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