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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The nap will let me dream

Update at 3:26pm: "Oh, I'll just check the ewes one more time and then take my nap," I said. Twin girls about an hour old out of Bessie. Looks like Lilly is in labor, and maybe Daisy. Now I'll take my nap.

In the dreary late winter rains, with no hope for sun...really, there is no hope. That is how I feel at this exact moment. It is partially due to the fact I've been sick, and I'm a very bad sick person and tend to get all frustrated with just about anything in my path. I am one of those people that pretends I'm not sick, but clearly by looking and listening to me, I am.

I'm also doing a lot of waiting. Waiting not to be sick. Waiting to hear about a particular project. Waiting to get paid b an overdue client. Waiting for the ewes to lamb as they now enter the over ripe pregnancy state.

So I shall follow Papa Roo's lead. I shall give in to it all, enter my chamber, and take a nap.


indie grrrl said...

it must be hard to be still... I hope you're back to yourself soon! That's one pretty chicken.... rooster? Love his/her colors! Feel better!

Jody said...

sometimes the heartbeat of the Farm needs to rest.

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine, I sure hope you feel better soon. It is the pits being sick this time of year. I have felt this way myself many times. You describe it very well. My mother would always tell me: "Just remember honey, that two weeks from now it will be a different world". That has always comforted me no matter what the situation, because it is usually always true. I can visualize "two weeks" and suddenly whatever it is I am enduring seems more workable. I hope all the things you are waiting for, reveal themselves soon! Delisa :)

Judy Shreve said...

Hope you feel better soon -- and that spring comes to the farm with new little lamb voices!

turquoise cro said...

zzzzZZZZZZ! I need a nap! I am pooped from cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and watching the WV Mountaineers win their BB game!!!Get Well and Sweet Dreams Katherine!!I bet YOU are counting sheep as I type!!hehe

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