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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lofa rebounds!

Raggedy man shows off his ZZ Top Moment as Little Lofa stand by.

Little Lofa has rebounded and is eating like a little vacuum cleaner to make up for lost time. For the last week he has eaten well and shown much more strength. He still has white eyes though but I swear I'm seeming a teeny bit of pink.

He still runs the risk of getting knocked down and having trouble getting up, but I've been watching and the couple of times he was accidentally pushed over, he stayed upright and could get up. His runny nose seems better too and his personality is back, as he greets me with his little Lofa love bleats at morning feedings.

I think after trying so hard to save Aunt Bea, and then have this happen to Lofa just brought it all back home - I'm just one person with two hands and one heart. You can only do your best - with your vet at your side - when you take on a creature that didn't have the best nutrition in the pas. Lofa is getting up there in years, turning 8 next spring, but I'm glad New Moon got him when they did, and we in turn could help.

SO thank you again to everyone that helped Lofa! He felt the love and so did Apifera.


Candace said...

Sweet. That's great news, continued recovery to him.

tutto a posto said...

I was reading about your business in the shop that sells your lavender and it states that you sell lamb meat. Do you slaughter the lamb on your farm? I eat meat so I am not judging, but am curious...

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

What shop was that? Just curious. We raise our lambs on the pastures, grass fed. In the past 8 years I have butchered the ram lambs that aren't sold as breedeing stock. We harvest the lambs on the farm, so they are born and die here. I participate in all harvest days to maintain calm and give the blessing for each animal. It's quick, I've watched it. And researched this over and over with vets and all sorts of people.

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