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Friday, September 07, 2012

Update on little Lofa

Lofa's blood test for Johnes came back negative. This is a huge relief as there is no cure or treatment.

Now I just need to keep slowly trying to get energy into him to get those red blood cells reproducing again. An iron shot today for good measure. A little propyl glycol for a few more days.

He's still slow to eat, but is eating. Still weaker than he should be. But this could be a month or more. Of course there could be hidden reasons - tumors or cancer - but we will proceed with positivity and except what we get knowing we have done our best. It takes time to get that blood working right again. I did learn from my vet - and had read this = that just because you have a negative fecal doesn't mean there isn't an overload of parasite in an animal. Since Lofa came from a previous horm where his worming might have been zilch or lax, he still could have been treated by New Moon [which he was, they always worm and delice arrivals and keep them quarantined for observation] and showed up here with worms. He also had another but of topical sucking lice which I treated about a week before the vet came, but I might not have been aggressive enough since at that time he was healthy.

So I will be keeping my eye on this love called Lofa. He gets plenty of hugs and atention!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help! [Lofa is too weak to send out his thank you gifts, but I put Raggedy in charge, chaperoned by The Head Troll. Expect them in a week or two].


Sharon Stanley said...

good news! so cute. hope he continues to make progress.

on a funny note, we had a GRAY calf today! we've had black, black and white, red, white, brown, but never GRAY...very strange, and he has white ears! what on earth!?

Apifera Farm said...

wow, that is unusual!

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