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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Head Troll cavorts

Please immediately stop reading out loud if children under six are in the room.

The Head Troll is "in her time". Or to put it another way, as only the barnyard can, she is 'juicy'. Goat and sheep people will understand.

She is wide open to love.

Open to love from any walking male, castrated or not. And since E.B.White is the only one with intact manly things in the near vicinity, I found her pressed up against his fence to his current resident paddock.

E.B. is separated from Little Walter [who is no longer little, believe me] because Walter is off making love in true rock star timing over in another field with four ewes. This leaves our dear E.B. in a side paddock in the barnyard, free to be alone, but also in the company through the fence of small wandering Misfits...including wandering feeling randy girl goats. To call The Head Troll a 'girl' seems wrong, but she's not a "woman", and definitely not a "gal".

She's The Head Troll. "Frankie" is short for Franklinia. When I brought her to Apifera, she was named after a vacuum cleaner. Cute name, I thought. But she was more tomboy in my eyes, so I gave her a girl name that could be a boy name. To this day, many think she is male, or pregnant - if you are unfamiliar with pygmies I will explain to you now that their bellies expand in true pregnant looking form after a day of eating. Four stomachs will do that, I guess.

Anyway, back to my randy goat. When Frankie is in heat, it messes up my well timed to a second feeding schedule [insert laugh track from barnyard]. I rely on Frankie to...well, be Frankie. When I enter the barn, she comes bashing through the crowd, rushes to be at my side, er, feet, and I let her into the hay/feed area. She is the only goat or pig allowed in there, for good reason. While I give her snacks, she stays out of everyone's way. This is essential to my - wait for it- well timed feeding schedule. My farm sitter will attest to the demands of feeding. Each Misfit has a special place that they eat in: Rosie in stall A, Raggedy behind the locked gate next to Stall A, Rudy in Stall B, Stevie outside Stall B but closed off from Raggedy and wandering ducks, Moose-Goose-Professor-Wilbur in Stall C, along with Ernest who has a mini stall within Stall C.

So if Frankie is in heat, and wandering the barnyard to find male goodies, she is not in the hay room with me. And that means my fine tuned morning of feedings goes haywire. Goat crazy. Pig wompumoplous.

Fortunately, her sexiness only lasts a couple days.

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