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Saturday, October 05, 2013

The horse and I, continued

If you read the post I wrote a day ago, you know why these two blue ribbons mean a lot to me.

Now, for the record, the second ribbon was in a category with only two people, however, I'll take it. What I'm finding with these schooling shows is I learn something new about myself, and Boone each time. And each time there will be a different mini challenge to overcome. Today it was that our warm up before our first test was not great - but we worked through it, and I had some great understandings about what I was doing wrong that was helping to make the warm up not so great. I had my teacher there and she walked us through it - always learning, I am! So we went into our first test, and did great. My second test I did not feel good about it. The score wasn't bad, but I made a couple of real mental errors - embarrassing things like forgetting to salute!. I'm learning that setting the mind for that second test can be a challenge, as it is exhausting.

But, I was pleased and so was my teacher. Each time we go somewhere new - we gain confidence, we learn something, and he knows we are in this together. I know he is having fun too, and he enjoys his other two buddies that we ride with. I was so pleased after the mediocre warm up at how he entered that ring and actually took the first steps to calm me, so we could be a team again.

I encourage any of you who are late to the riding challenge - or like me put it down for years and want to take it up again - do it. It is so rewarding, so fun, and such a confidence builder. No matter what 'thing' you have put aside for very good reasons [family, career, health, money] look for a way to do it. It is never too late - and life is short in this realm.

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hensintheorchard.blogspot.com said...

Hi Katherine
You sound like you are having fun and doing so well. I haven't been on a horse in years and would love to ride out in the countryside as we are surrounded by lovely bridal paths. I do worry about falling off now though. Thank you for visiting me and I will pop in to see your blog again. Have a good Sunday.

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