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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raggedy Man, his feet and some ducks

It has been beautiful for more than two weeks now and all Oregonians know what lurks and this causes one - if one is as lucky as I am to be able to do this- to stay outside anyway they can, even for short spurts. Not being one to waste time, I decided to put my lolly gaggle in the barnyard yesterday to good use–I took a straw poll.

And the outcome–The goat with the most Muppet like feet is...Raggedy Man.

Raggedy Man came to Apifera several years ago, along with Lofa Love who has since passed away. Upon arriving here after we adopted him from New Moon Goat Farm Rescue, Raggedy had no name and was skin and bones and a lot of scruffy, stinky hair. He was very shy, but had the sweetest smile. In time, he learned that one can stand still for a cookie, and also get petted, and that it wasn't too bad. He no longer avoids touch, has plumped his little body up and his coat is shiny and clean. I have grown so fond of Rags, he is a total gentleman, and that little smile can really lift one's spirits. I hope he is with us a long time and since he is only about five, he should be.

He also is very good at simple tasks–such as standing very still...around ducks. this will come in handy some day for me, I just know it.

{Feel free to toss Raggedy what you can to help support him and the other Misfits.}

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Debra said...

Raggedy Man and his ducks-a wonderful photo...

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