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Thursday, October 24, 2013

And it is a day

I put the sheep in the paddock outside my bedroom window last night, where they sleep under the old Doug Fir. By now you must wonder if there is rhyme or reason to where the sheep sleep any given night–and the answer is 'yes'. But it might be impossible, not to mention boring, to explain quickly to my busy readers.

Cross pasturing is part of it. But we are in the middle of the 45 day breeding season, so the flock that is not breeding needs to stay clear of the ram and his ladies. I like having the flock outside my window. The other night on the full moon I looked out at them bathed in moonlight, and it was so beautiful. I thought of getting my camera, but just soaked it in, me and my flock. But last night I brought my camera to bed, knowing how beautiful the sunlight is on the fields and through the Doug Fir as it hits their bodies.

Sometimes when I lie in bed in the morning, I bleat to them, and they answer back. I hope I never forget them.

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