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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn Fashion Show of Misfits

The Autumn Fashion Show of Misfits was a success, although quite exhausting for attendees and models not to mention the photographer who rallied against slippery mud and slippery goats to dress each one quickly to make it on the runway in time. The Misfits now have a great selection for the colder, rainy weather that might require outfits and we are all thankful for the generosity of our followers who sent us dog coats, pony jackets and old sweatshirts [which are remarkably useful on a farm].

If you don't see your coat in the fashion show, it is only because the models ran out of steam. And the upper barnyard of Misfits already had a little fashion extravaganza. I also have two now that will work for Victor and Sophie should they need them on top of all their curly wool some extra cold winter night. There are some very small ones that would work on Moose, or sick lambs if needed. Thank you, everyone!

So sit back, and enjoy the show!


nancyGeneArmstrong said...


Unknown said...

What a hoot! Looks like it was fun...And each "model" received the outerwear perfect for his/her needs and personality!

pencilfox said...

i truly enojoy a good fashion show….

Terra said...

Your friends are stylin'.

sharon said...

Best fashion show I ever saw, it put Project Runway to shame!

Jimmie said...

I agree with Sharon...best fashion show I ever saw. Tres chic!

Diane in North Carolina

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