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Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Pink Thing

As you might guess, there are many different needs to caring for the Misfits–food, obviously, but also incidentals like...fashion.

If you've been here, you know this is not Martha Stewart's set, nor is it a hipster faux homesteading kind of place of which there seem to be plenty in the New York Times and publishing lists. This is a raggedy little 22 acre farm and we are not trending on Twitter.

But every now and then, we enjoy a lift up. Winter is fast approaching and with the elders the cold can really create worries, especially in the wetness of our climate. Of course we have ample shelters and barn stalls, so nobody is sitting out in the rain or muck-but I wanted to acquire more coats for the eldest of the Misfits-especially Scooby [who has a hard time gaining weight despite all my efforts], Stevie, and Old Rudy...Victor and Sophie too even though they have nice wool coats...and of course, Old Mama Sugee. Old Matilda already has a jacket if needed. So I put a note on Facebook that if anyone had old or used dog jackets they didn't need anymore, I'd gladly take them and in exchange would send one of my books. It seemed to make people happy knowing old goats would be wearing the attire that their dogs used to.

I received a wonderful coat for Sugee and am already using it on her since she is the most needy. She has taken to it well and while it is a bit big in the shoulder, it stays on and she can roll in it without tripping up. I am so appreciative of one of my followers - an equine person herself- who sent this all the way from the great state of Kentucky. {Thank you again, Kay!}

And another follower of Apifera sent three medium/large coats that work great on Stevie- he too is already wearing it at night. He actually stands so still for me when I put it on, and take it off, it's like dressing a well behaved child, then he gives me a little 'Stevie peck" on the cheek. What a guy. [Thank you, Deborah!}

All of these were practical and utilitarian coats-which is what is needed. But then we got this adorable, fashinista Pink Thing from a follower-and while I realize it is not something The Misfits would normally wear, we just loved it. I think it would have been wonderful on The One Eyed Pug–pugs really love dressing up [really, they do]. So first I tried it on Scooby. It was a bit small but I let him wander around in it....while he let out goat bleats asking me,

"What is this Pink Thing?! Get it off me, HELP! Aldo, help meeeeeeee!"

And old Aldo was very concerned and pranced around him sniffing the Pink Thing and making worried llama sounds.

I figured it would fit Goose, who really doesn't need a coat, but he's so little and it fit him - almost. He was checked out by everyone in the barnyard and The Head Troll took a real interest in it, but I think when I took this photo she was giving me her real opinion-perhaps because she knew her belly would never fit in it. I do know that in some future spring, there might be a lamb or two that need extra warmth...oh my, that will be something. And Little Moose tends to be prone to colds, so he might be sporting it.

The Pink Thing now hangs high up where The Misfits can gaze on it, wondering who will be the next Chosen One to wear it. [Thank you, Joan!]

So, thank you - and I hear there are some more on the way. I underestimated the size of the Pygmy bellies, so 'Large' is the best size I think. I will of course send a book to anyone who surprises us with coats. They are always useful, and get dirty fast so having a variety is good.