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Monday, November 10, 2014

Healing Visits and Workshops

I want to connect with teachers, hospice workers, senior care workers and anyone who would like to bring individuals or small groups to Apifera for arranged Healing Days to sit amongst our adopted animals and Misfits.

I am especially open to working with groups and people with special needs or the elderly who seek a visit of healing and comfort from farm and animals.

This might include:

~ returning war veterans, or any veterans
~ the blind, the physically challenged
~ city children with limited funds to learn about animals that have been neglected
~ the elderly

By bringing animal and human together in a farm setting, both will benefit. All heart beats will merge.

There are different ways the day can be structured:

~ Drawing the animals and sharing stories about them - for all ages

~ Communing and talking - often the animals bring up memories that come out and help the person share them in a safe and comfortable setting, and the animals don't judge. Wonderful for the elderly.

~ Reading to the animals - for all ages. Help children with their reading skills without being judged. This has been done successfully in many cities with children reading to shelter dogs. So why not read to the donkeys or many adopted barn animals too?

Group Size:
I would like to keep the group size from 2-10, depending on the needs [and desired activity] of the group. I am also open to private Healing Days with a caretaker and their patient or person in need of a special treatment.

Fees: Non profits, war vets, special needs
I do this all out of pocket and will ask each non-profit group to donate a small amount to help our adopted animals [many of whom the group will be communing with].  Please contact me with your group size and we can discuss if your group is able to provide a small donation to the animals of Apifera, and how we can proceed.

Fees: Schools, teachers, activity groups
Again, please contact me with your group size and other details and we can discuss a fee. The goal is to keep this affordable for all budgets.