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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

White Dog inspirations

I was propelled forward last week to spurt out two paintings. I had no idea what was to come out, somewhat the norm around here, but it was clear the spirits of the two white dogs were speaking through me. I finished these a day apart from one another and felt satisfied, like I'd been given a love letter, an encouraging nod, from many sources, including the magical source of the White Dogs themselves. These pieces are already sold and will fly off to their new home very soon. I rarely have trouble letting go of paintings, and I am not sad to see these go. The important thing for me is that my muse was there, and I answered. You have to answer the muse or she might just stay away like a dog left to its own resources if it doesn't get fed consistently.

"White Dog Had Wings" acrylic, pastel on maple board, 27"

"Calling All Wings" acrylic, pastel on maple board, 27"


Terra said...

Those white dogs are mystical and magical.

Linda said...

Very nice!

Lis said...

Swoon! Of course you know white animals symbolically represent the highest spiritual teachings/teachers ...

Anonymous said...

These are spectacular, both. That was a big shot from the muse. White dog spirit must be good for you. xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks everyone....Yes, Lis I've read a lot about that and need to go back and re read some things.

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