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Monday, January 05, 2015

Misfit reading of the elder

I love getting emails likes this one:

I bought copies of 'Misfits of Love' for both my mother-in-law and my mother (wrapped so exquisitely, I must add), but it was my father who began absorbing my mother's copy on Christmas day. (I've attached a cell phone picture of him engaged!) He loved it, and had all sorts of questions about your animals and your storytelling. he is not internet active, nor does he typically read a great deal, so it was beautiful watching him get involved in your words and art. He is 81 now, but he retired as a production manager in a plastics plant after 35+ years about 18 years ago. (He's been doing woodworking and gardening since then, but he is, truly, a simple, kind man with a gift for storytelling; he just doesn't realize he has stories to tell.) We lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, and aside from his Italian immigrant parents raising him to garden and appreciate food in his native new jersey, he had never been around livestock or farm animals until my husband and I got goats in 2005. He's always enjoyed animal stories, but i had never seem him connect like he did with your book. He has also struggled with fears of death and with ongoing depression--and until reading a book he borrowed from me about reincarnation last year (I think 'seriously lapsed catholic' would be the best descriptor to insert here)-- he really did struggle daily with loss of life. He's seemed better, and he dug into 'Misfits' with abandon! You are gifted.Angelina Bellebuono, Georgia

Getting messages like this validate my work, making me recognize I am walking the path I am supposed to be. Like I said in yesterday's post, I see my work as a conduit of service. It is also what brings me joy. The world goes mad multiple times each day and reading Misfits seems to bring calm to old hearts looking for answers, or young ones seeking calm in nature's way, even death.

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