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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Land dwellers

I am not going to apologize for this weather streak we are having. Sixties, sun, spring flowers popping–it could be gone tomorrow but so could I so I am relishing every moment.

We worked more on the new barn, happy the mud was at bay-rare for this time of year. All around, white spots flecked my fields, some were ruminants chewing cud, others were White Dogs examining far off shadows, sounds and sniffing what the breeze brought in. The breeze–it always takes me back to two things: my sumac huts when I was a child, where I'd nest, listening to the wind outside my protective den-a natural womb for the little land dweller I was; and it reminds me of the days after my father died, as he had become the wind, it was clear to me then and still is. Perhaps even as a child I had an innate sense of the comfort the wind did and would bring me, even though with it also would come the visceral connection to endings-be it a human life or a tree's limbs.


Anonymous said...

lovely, photos and all. as a child i made hide-a-ways in honeysuckle bushes. as an adult, illness sequestered me indoors for years, i certainly prefer the outdoor hideaways. but i remember my first walk outdoors, the breeze on my face never felt so wonderful. but yes, there is always the yin/yang aspect to most things in life. we lost many branches in our new "backyard" .... the park...during storms.

So wonderful that you are having such glorious weather now, an early bright spring. Here the air is frigid and the sidewalks, icy.

thank you for keeping up your blog, i do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having sun and some warmth. We are cold and having freight train winds here. But the sun is out and the birds always have stories to tell as they glide by. Sumac huts. Would have to be igloos here. xox

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