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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Friede...physical challenges but still a smile

Friede was one of the three elder special needs goats that we took on after the state confiscated them out of a neglect case. I named her Friede because it means 'little elf' but it also means 'strong'.

I always had a 'no horns' rule at the old farm. The Head Troll had stubs when she arrived, as her horns had not been disbanded properly...but Friede is the first of our horned Misfits. She has a condition she was born with, making her hind legs and hips weak, and while she is not incapable of defending herself, she stays out of everyone's way....especially Girl George who can be quite the bully when she turns more male that female [she is a hermaphrodite].

I am growing very fond of Friede. She stays by my side, often, when feeding is going on. I have come to her aide many times, not that she is in danger, but she always gets to the hay the last, and waits for the others to position themselves. Sometimes I feed give her separate pile of hay. But she knows I am her defender, and now she also knows back scratches feel good. A few more more months, and I'm sure she will tender up even more.

I took a series of photos of her the other night, one of the first warmer and dry days we had had. I loved the smile on her face here. Despite crooked legs and probably arthritis, and a change in homes, she smiles on. she makes me smile too. I guess we have a reciprocal smile friendship.

{Donations to our non profit help us to help and care for the elder/special needs animals like Friede. Thank you.}

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