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Friday, November 15, 2019

Puppy madness days

Our chocolate lump of love, at  2 days old
I've never bought a pup and been able to see it develop from it's birthday, but that is what the internet provides these days. It's been 10 years since we brought Muddy home when we lived out West. Muddy was five years younger than his brother, Huck, who was of the same sire/dam and we loved him so much I wanted to have another boy. We loved their temperaments and the breeder was highly respected and was very interested in helping us pick the right pup for our needs.

This new chocolate boy turns 11 days old today! I am so excited to meet him. I just know he is going to be a good therapy dog for me and am so excited to work with a pup again.

While I do hope to find another old and [hopefully] blind pug down the road, I was not ready for that. I take on so many old animals and the loss takes its toll, especially in the Inside Animals domain. Hughie was so loved by me, I was so crushed, but so glad I even had 4 years with him. But...I want a pup to raise up.

This little chap will begin his work as soon as it is healthy for him to go out to meet elders. Initially, he can even ride in Opie's Love Mobile!

We have a list of names going as we sit by the fire. Of course I'll have to meet him, but we have some we think might work. I love that he was the first one out of the litter, that to me was a clear sign he wanted to show me he was ready for action, as I was so worried there wouldn't be a chocolate in the litter.

The breeder takes great care in her line and does not over breed, and she believes in the classic lab. Six more weeks and he will be brought to Apifera.

So thrilled, so excited, so grateful.

That's our boy, age 3 days [on his back, sleeps like Muddy!]