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Friday, November 22, 2019

Sometimes you just need to not wonder so much

I really love Captain Sparkle. His personality is emerging as he grows more confidant in his new home. Well, he also has to contend with the boss mare sassy pants aka The Teapot, but he holds his own. He basically defers to her and stays out of her way when there is hay. When I feed in the morning, he patiently waits for me to arrange things, and comes to my side since he knows I'll escort him into the stall and make Teapot move out.

I've been wanting to find something special for Captain Sparkle to be part of, and The Teapot. I don't know if hauling him to therapy visits is the the job, but I will bring him out next spring for sure. He needs more time and handling.

I've been thinking of agility for the two of them, and me. It would be fun. I had started some agility with Arlo the llama but never got a course up. I will keep at it. I need a team! Maybe we will put on a show!

Sometimes, I think it is best not to ponder this much about what his purpose or job is. I will let him be, and continue to have fun with him. Maybe his job is just that.

It's just so fun to work with an animal on different levels, it creates a bond that is much deeper than just owning it and caring for it. Working with an animal brings out connections that might not happen otherwise.

I asked him this morning, "Captain Sparkle, is there something you'd like to try doing, is there something you need to do that will lift you up somehow?"

He did not answer.

I think he too is wondering. Or not. Time will make it clearer.

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