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Friday, April 24, 2009

More chick chatter

We celebrate the three week birthday of the new chicks today and all is well. I'm pleased all are thriving, even the one with a crooked beak who had me worried. And all appear to be hens, thanks to the talents of the hatchery sexers [and it is a talent].

So with feathers popping every day, the chicks left the security of the bathroom dome, and entered their next living area in the hen house, complete with heated box and natural wood perches. Their big day came earlier this week when the temperature outside allowed picnics and bamboo wanderings. They tended to weeding around Zuchi's grave, which was kind and helpful.

Scheduled seminars at the Apifera Chicken Daycare agenda next week: Flight 101, How to Sleep on a Perch Without Falling Off, and Identifying Dirt from Bugs.


Claire MW said...

I love the picture with the bamboo. I am trying a hardy bamboo this year, just to see how it goes. I hope it will work here in chilly zone 5a! Seminars this week here include "How to eat without standing on your friends backs" and "Why you should not peck the ankles of the one who feeds you."

Stephanie Lee said...

How wonderful these little workers/gifters are!! We have the very beginnings of our own little flock. Three straight run Bantams. Even though we got them mostly for bug control, I'm hoping for some eggs. I LOVE little Bantie eggs! :) We've got another batch of chicks coming in a few weeks - Auracanas, Barred Rocks, and Black Australorps. All new breeds to me! I'm excited!
Have fun with your little ones....who won't be little much longer than a sneeze! :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Hi Claire- I'll ask landscaper husband about bamboo in your zone...sort of not sure 'bout that.It grows like a weed in Portland, but out here in arrid country [summer] without all the shade of Portland it has a harder time establishing. But this spot is going to work i think. I love the stuff,eventhough it's probably not that smart to introduce it out in farm country -

Stephanie - I'm so excited for the Aracaunas to grow. Love them. The black ones in this pic are Barred Rocks, red ones are Buff Orpintons, and the brown speckled are Aracaunas. You'll love the Banties. I still have mine, and they walk so oddly, like little cartoon characters! And they are such good setters! HAve fun with them...keep me posted.

Tai said...

Might you be offering an advanced seminar in "Identifying Dirt From Bugs"? My featherheaded girls could really use a special section on "Avoiding Plastic and Rubber! Ptooey!"

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