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Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm busy painting and exploring for my June show at Zeek Gallery. The theme of the show is "Somewhere", which I think is so suited to my work. Recently I was conversing with someone who has some of my work and I think we came up with a perfect way to describe the majority of my paintings- mourning mixed with some optimism and love of life.

I think the symbols and metaphors in one's work, after they've been creating for many years, begin to create an internal encyclopedia of that person's landscape, both past, present and future. I've always had one hand on the worms and matter, decomposed under our feet. It's not a fear of death, it's the fact that death is to the left and right of life. If you don't keep track of death, how does life make sense? To say we must focus on the living is true, but to not walk with the understanding there is death is like getting up each day, and planning away like there will be no night - I mean, daytime does end, and that puts a balanced perspective on the day.

The donkey ear thing....well, I am learning what that symbolizes for me. I don't want to ruin what it might mean for you.