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Monday, April 13, 2009

Raffle- help a wounded cat

Thanks to so many that entered the raffle, or just sent donations! It's very helpful, especially in this economy, to have support for these strays that wonder onto the farm.I'll pick a raffle winner and announce it on the blog.

I told you all about the stray that wandered onto the farm around Christmas. His name became Samuelle Noel [pronounced Sam-u-elle No-elle].

He's semi feral, a beautiful tabby with white socks. I had planned to trap and neuter him sooner, but then lambing season traumas took over. I had to get him in for a snip, or the enticing smell of in-heat kitties would cause him to stray [An intact male cat will wander up to 3 miles to fulfill their innate sense to breed].

Well, last night Samuelle arrived at the barn in distress. His two front feet looked weird, as did his face. I was able to pick him up -which he tolerates, if only for a a minute] and his feet smelled of rot. Part of his bottom foot pad was gone, leaving open flesh. On top of it, when he tried to eat, there was something causing pain in his mouth. I tried to iodine the pad, but he was anxious, and I lost him.

He was onto to me, so I knew my best bet and least trauma for both of us was to wait until this morning to try again. So I placed one of my many crates on the front porch, knowing he usually showed up for an AM snack. Sure enough, he was there this morning. I knew he'd let me pick him once, briefly, and that was it. After much enticing, I picked him up, and quickly put him in the crate. A miracle.

I'm so relieved, as his wounds look painful, and he's not eating.He has a sweet personality, and I'm pretty sure he was dumped, as he arrived her with good conditioning, and a nice personality.

[raffle is closed]