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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Samuelle Noel

Thanks to all the emails and kind wishes for Samuelle Noel. Samuelle is now neutered [cheers, brays, sighs of relief from all females and cat lovers]...Once again, my wonderful vet clinic took a cat in on a moment's notice to help me out.

I picked him up from the vet yesterday and heard the prognosis. He had a bone lodged in his jaw, which had caused no serious damage at this point. Unfortunately his feet condition is a rare cat disorder called 'plasma cell dermatitis' which creates ulcerated foot pads and ulcers on the face. It is incurable, and from my research it is pretty rare. The only treatment is predisone. I brought him home and my plan was to keep in the large crate in the Ward Room for four days, so I could give him the 2x daily medications, and give the ulcerated foot pads a rest. The ulcers will take weeks if not months to unswell, I'm told, but I hoped 4 days would be a help to him. I opened the crate door and Samuelle went into feral kitty mode - jumped about 10 feet straight up, and made a beeline for an open stall window. But he hung around, and the prednisone is small enough to be crushed into tuna. I was pleased to see him this morning at morning feedings, and was able to give him meds. The vet said he was pretty jacked up there, so this pleased me. I guess that there are cases where the ulcers go away and the cat will have long periods without any trouble, so I'll hope for that. Maybe someone dumped because of this. If so, shame on you.

My young nieces heard about Samuelle, and gathered coins for him. Pretty sweet.

I'll pick a raffle winner next week!