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Friday, April 24, 2009

And the cat declares a winner

With tender paws, Samuelle helped picked the winner of the raffle today. OK, he watched from the hay bales in the barn where I last saw him this morning. I had an outpouring of support, thank you! And thank you also for the people that sent in small amounts but didn't feel a need to 'win" anything, they just wanted to help. Many of you are repeat donators, and it's very gratifying. And there were some newcomers too, so we thank you too, and hope you continue to help animals all over whenever you can.

The winner is...meow...K.Beck in Washinton! Meow. Paw thumping....

Samuelle is doing very well. What a gentleman he is, he did well taking his meds in tuna. The ulcers have gone down, but his little foot pads are so soft, and will always be. I've never witnessed it before, but when you push his pad, it feels like you are touching the skin on top of a newly punctured blister...He seems to stick around, so I'm hoping we can keep his wounds and ulcers at a minimum so he won't need prednisone.


Juli said...

Congrats K!

Great to hear of Samuelle's positive update!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the good news about Samuelle. All two- and four-leggers here will continue sending happy thoughts and healing energy.

Emma said...

I'm glad to hear Samuelle is doing well!

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