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Monday, June 13, 2011

Healing donkey hugs are free

We are scrambling to get everything tip top for Sunday's Pino Pie Day, our 4th annual farm event where we share donkey hugs and homemade pie under the big top of the Apifera Farm sky.

The Dirt Farmer has been diligently creating the new shade hut in the Donkey Hug area and it is so charming. I know Pino and guests will appreciate it.

Even though each Pie Day has a unique energy, I am anticipating this year's with an even deeper love for my farm and life. We have been here eight years, and as I was tractoring around yesterday I felt a lump in my throat several times. We've worked so hard to form Apifera and I accept it as my life's work in three dimension.

This year's apron sales will be donated to donkey sanctuaries. My art and Raggedy creations will also be for sale and will help us maintain our adopted elder donkey and old goats. We have friends from afar scheduled to come.

So my posts might be sparse this week. As Martyn says, "This Pie Day is like having a wedding every year...for donkeys."

Here is the online invitation in case you missed it.


Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

Can't wait to visit the Magical Apifera again. See you Sunday!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Oh that sounds like SO much fun! Wish I could go!

Sharon Stanley said...

...in my mind, i'm already there.....

Else M Tennessen said...

Your invitation is fabulous! I wish I could come. How can someone participate online? That would be neat. God bless your family, your donkeys and your farm! :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I wish I could be a guest sometimes, to take long chats with everyone too...Wish you could all come. Else, you can make an apron, or donate one, to Pino's Apron Gallery and when it sells it helps the cause. These are online all year. Or you can donate money. Or you can spread the word with the invite. I also post pictures later. I have dreams of having an online moment or something to post live that day, but that is for future, and it takes away from the non-techy atmosphere of Apifera. See the side bar for links to the above suggestions.

turquoise cro said...

Sigh...I was wondering when Pino Pie Day was!! Wish I lived closer! Have FUN!! and eat a piece of pie for me and HUG a donkey or two for me too!! LOVE the painting!!

Annick said...

I so wish I didn't live so far, have a great Pino Pie Day.
lots of donkey love!

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