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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Old goose still has it goin' on

The woman who relinquished her old goose and ducks to me mentioned that the ducks were laying regularly and that even the old goose still lays a couple times a week. I'd never seen a goose egg until this morning.

It's big.

I thanked her and must have caught her right after the act, as she was away from her ducks and was just leaving the scene of the crime. I spied from a nearby crack in the hen house and watched Priscilla as she began dosing off, her neck slightly curved allowing her beak to rest in her wing. I'd nap too if I just laid one of those.
[In the picture, from L to R, bantie egg, Orpington egg, duck egg, Priscilla egg].

I bought the fowl gang a new temporary wading bucket today. The chicken pen is now full of buckets in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate the ducks. It is a scene you would not see at Martha's, but then again I doubt you'd see anything from Apifera at Martha's. Martyn wants to build them a real pond in the ground, with rocks to rest on. I will be relieved when that happens, as the hens are very upset with the temporary chaos of their hen yard. They tried to schedule a meeting with me, but I said it had to wait until after Pie Day.


Emma said...

What an egg! They are all lovely, really.

Unknown said...

The old gal still has it! Love those various eggs! Can't wait to see the new pond, looks like you have quite the adventure happening!

Kathy said...

Bless her heart......the old gal still has it. We have to stick together, we old gals.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OH MY... no good can come from such a chicken meeting ... I suspect there will be lots of clucking and throwing dirt about in the scratching... all the while being displeased about the new tenants.

turquoise cro said...

WOWZA!!! I LOVE eggs!! That would be a plate full now wouldn't it!! Can't wait to see the pond and the ducks in it and Ms.Priscilla too! hehe I bet YOU will even try it out too, huh Katherine?!!

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