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Monday, June 20, 2011

A sigh after pie

Another Pie Day has left the hosts, both donkey and human, exhausted but fulfilled.

The skies gathered just enough clouds to keep us warm but shaded and was perfect for allowing the donkeys to mingle in comfort. The pie, if I may say so myself, was exceptionally good this year and if you didn't like apple you could have chess, blueberry, peach, walnut, strawberry or rhubarb. When I look at the slideshow of the day, I can smell a mixture of warm crust and donkey dust.

We had many repeat visitors which makes us feel that people like us. Many out of towners too that came in all shapes and sizes. Even though I had my internal wings on allowing me to be in as many places at once as possible, I know I missed talking to some people which was frustrating - so next time, don't be shy, run and tie me down.

This year I had a large board up with pictures of all the animals we've adopted. People enjoyed this and it also allowed them to meet the animals in the barnyard. This year we also thank artist and friend Carolyn Holman for selling some of her fabulous Girl Bands [head wear] - I proudly wear them. She donated 20% to Pino's cause.

We also had a new arrival to the farm on Friday - a senior goat who spent his entire life with one owner as a pack animal. He visited with people through the donkey fence. I will write about him this week as his magical qualities deserve a thoughtful posting. He loved all the carrots which pleased me because he is dreadfully thin.

We had a 97% good guest behavior this year. One very naughty attendee brought her dog even though we asked for all pets - even well behaved ones- to stay at home. If she comes back, I will firmly but politely escort her to her car and give her a piece of pie on a plate while I wave good bye and say something in rhyme.

There were many memorable moments. We found four year old Dalton at the front garden where I have a sign that says "When you see a flower, say 'thank you, bees'". He asked his mother to read him the sign, and then he began thanking all the bees that were buzzing around the flowers.

There was also a plethora of red headed children, always a sign of a good gathering.

Net apron sales helped a donkey sanctuary and my art/lavender net proceeds all go to maintain Apifera's old adopted animals.


Sharon Stanley said...

well the slideshow was surely worth the wait! i love so many it's hard to pick a favorite, but the last one of you and the df is a great one...i love the donkey hooves painted up for the occasion, and of course the aprons blowing in the wind...but the woman holding the cash...now THAT look on her face tells me she must be the recipient of that donation! love it...i know you are exhausted...whoa, what a lot of work...congrats on what looks to be a perfect day!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

That;s our beautiful friend Emma who has been helping at Pie Day for a few years, and also helped coordinate out event to celebrate Hospice caregivers. She counted the receipts after the event for me, I was too exhausted - We all decided she had the best outfit- and she's wearing your apron that sh bought last year.

Else M Tennessen said...

Love the slideshow. Now I feel like I was there, too! :) The pictures of the children were especially touching, and I love how the donkeys accessorized themselves for the day with hairpins, painted hooves and more. Marvelous! What beauties. Look forward to seeing what aprons you may have left for sale on your apron link...God bless you all!

Rhonda B. said...

Oh, wish I lived closer...Alaska is a bit of a drive to Oregon. I just love these words, "warm crust and donkey dust". It looks like such fun. Hard work, but fun. Great job!

C.M. Mayo said...


salmonpoetry said...

Pino Pie Day was as wonderful as advertised! We loved the donkeys, goats, goose, ducks, horse, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs who patiently or impatiently, alternately, watched from behind bars for the day, the bees, and did we leave anyone out? Of course, Katherine and Martin, who made the magic happen. And the pie, ah the pie!
Thank you for having us over and restful recovering from such a wonderful event. Happy summer to the farmers and farm friends.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a successful Pie Day!

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