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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New day, new kiss and the pig blossoms

It's a beautiful new day, a new year, and the sun is out. I started the day like most others, in the barnyard with my chums. Stevie the goat gave me a kiss-and those of you who have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of a Stevie kiss know this crippled giant gives the most sincere, kind kisses-pecks of friendship and acceptance placed quietly on a cheek or hand-wherever his lips first reach you.

The weather was slightly warmer than past weeks-good for the soul of both animal and farmer. Amazing what sun and 5 degrees can do-it seems to lift certain dark areas that might have lingered form the past year. All clouds are blown away, if for one day. I am always optimistic in general, but the New Year Day is one of my favorites. The past is that, the future is so....full.

The pigs got out to saunter in the sun. Rosie and Ernest are friends now. They sleep together in their massive hay bed, tunneled under the cover of nature's golden sheets- you can hear them under there as they get settled, like an old couple that grumpily lays down together, fighting a bit for leg space on the bed, only to finally settle and slumber as one. Stevie helped Rosie navigate after she first was taken in by Sanctuary One, and when they arrived here, he stayed by her side-after all, nobody really wanted to sleep near Rosie due to her tone. As she spent more days here and settled, I noticed pig and goat became more independent of one another. This is a good thing, it showed they were settling and expanding.

And then came Ernest. It was as if-as she watched Ernest be himself-Rosie realized,

"I am a pig too!"

And she continues to slowly blossom. She is still grumpy, but less so. And when Earnest runs to me for possible treats, finds none, but still hangs out for belly rubs, Rosie has taken note and she too is finding human touch to be...okay and less threatening. It took me years to settle in a new place, and so it goes with my grumpy little pig.

Happy New Year everyone!

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