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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fog friends

I went for my morning walk with the dogs and on the return walked part way up Muddy Hill. I haven't walked there in a while because we cross fenced it so the sheep could graze there certain times of year. That means we can't walk all the way up, until we add a gate to the cross fence.

I love it up there, in some ways it is my favorite part of the property. It reminds me of a painting, where we are creatures floating, hovering over the farm. The Savannah Oak grove houses multiple families of birds and rodents-and you can hear them working in the fallen leaves. A covey of quail is usually close by-hiding from the dogs-but ready to take flight if needed.

Stella and Iris were on Donkey Hill, their white coats sinking into the background. I was pondering fog- how I think of it as one giant entity that can cover miles at a time. But then I realized it is like dirt, it is little particles all clumped together into a white coating. I began to see it as individuals combined into a flock, just like the sheep.

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