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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Samuelle's sick room

Monday Update: Thanks for all the good wishes for Samuelle! He is still on meds, ringers [a fluid/electrolyte I give every 12 hours under his skin with a drip line] and force feeds, but his attitude is good and he is getting better-slowly. Still residing in his private suite in the house complete with steam room effects.

Samuelle spent the night in our bedroom bathroom, had a spa treatment of a steamy room to help the congestion. He's still not eating on his own so is being force fed. If he doesn't eat by Monday I'm afraid I'll have to start the electrolyte drip bag each day. He is getting liquid in his medicated food I drench him with, so hoping we can maintain his weight.

Poor fellow. He lifts his head up to alleviate his very stuffy nose, but the drops are helping. I hate to have him away from his barn mate Hazel, but the nights are chilly and I think at least one more night in the bath will help him. Last time he pulled through in the barn in a crate, but he's getting the royal treatment this time.

Thank you for those of you who have emailed support. Starting out the year with vet costs is par for the course-but your support is a counterbalance. I am so grateful I can do this.

I was thinking today how I really just enjoy tending a sick animal. I don't know what this is or where it comes from. It is rewarding to see them improve, and it also brings a new dimension to my relationship with them. I have tended animals that were inattentive, and after healing they realize I'm not so bad after all–they begin to transform how they interact with me, the human. I become an ally. Samuelle really likes being nursed, which makes a huge difference, especially with a cat. Having ended up in the ER while tending other cats in the past, I can tell you it is so much easier with a mellow dude like Sam. He hates the drops, but allows them without much claws in my hand defense.

Please remember your donations will also be reciprocated with either Misfit book or the farm's lavender-you can also opt not to get a gift, and recurring donations lasting a year are also available [and you'll get a book then too].


beth said...

I received my wonderful book last week, just as we were leaving for our cabin in the north woods of MN for 8 days. I loved it so much- what a tender, loving book you've written and illustrated! (and the packaging made my heart sing!) xo

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thank you Beth! I am always so pleased to hear people's comments. It must have been cold up there!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Not sure what Samuel's problem is, but some years ago I brought home a tiny,runt kitten from the barn where my daughter stabled her horse. She was a teeny little calico, eye stuck shut from infection and a snotty nose --could hardly breathe. The vet gave her amoxicillin --it did nothing. One night, I did not think she would make it until morning. She held on and the vet prescribed Lincosin (?) sp? --it is a tetracycline - It was THE miracle drug. After two days I knew she was going to pull through--

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks for the experience you shared- he is still plugged, but eating and drinking well, keeping his weight and seems very happy [he has become a resident at this point LOL] but I plan to try something elseso will discuss this with my vet.

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