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Friday, August 22, 2014

An old friend that never really left

When we arrived at the farm, Louie Louie was over 14, blind, deaf and entering what would be his final year. Before Pino, The Misfits or the Old One Eyed Pug, there was Louie, my companion in singledom, road trip warrior and daily muse. He faithfully went anywhere with me, and loved the car. He got me through a of of lonely days and as I write about in Donkey Dream, I really think Louie got me to Portland, saw me settle down with Martyn, and the farm, and like a doting parent, he could let go a little bit. Perhaps I have meloncholiad the truth {Note, there appears to be no known word "meloncholiad", but I think it fits and who says one can't create new words?}

When I put Louie down it was just the worst. He had a bad heart, had been having seizures and other issues, and I finally decided it was the best decision. But on the way to the vet, he sat in my lap and looked so happy, he loved the car. I still can be driving and look over at the passenger seat and see that happy expression he always had in the car. He was truly one of a kind. Wire Hairs are very strong personalities. You never leave them, nor them you. I think he would have loved the life on the farm. He might have been working side by side with The Head Troll for all I know, or keeping The Head Mistress in line, hunting vermin and lining them up for the cats.

So today, even though I have photos of him all over, Louie came to me for some reason, in a very strong sensation. This is an older piece, but I felt the need to just sit and look into those eyes.


Anonymous said...

powerful force in your life. How nice he comes to visit. xox

barbara said...

They never really leave us...

Unknown said...

I love your portrait of Louie. My fluffly white dog that kept me company for 14 years of singlehood suffered seizures too. And he's the one that had a huge home cooked dinner the night he passed away. Enjoying life to the last.

Lis said...

My first dog as a child was a Welshie. Strong personality indeed! I still have dreams where she appears and I think "Where have you been?" I remember first seeing this image in BARK magazine. My girl and I were creating art journals, decorating our covers with collage images and THIS image we had a little "fight" over. I admit pulling mommy rank and claiming it for my book because it reminds me of Ellen, my dog. xo

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