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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big news, huge news, happy news, shocking news

There is some HUGE news to share now. I have been keeping this inside for weeks, and only a handful of friends/contacts know.

Martyn and I, and Apifera, are relocating to...Maine.

Just as I was once pulled West by internal rumblings and guides, I am being guided East. But this time, Martyn is also having the same pull. This is a soul -and financial-and life-decision as a couple and farm. It will be our grandest and most complicated collaboration to date. The Misfits will come too. There will be many decisions to make, many arrangements, many pieces of a puzzle will need to fall into place. The land here would never think of holding us back, it simply says, "Thank you, you have helped me and I have helped you, now go on your way, something out there needs you."

I do believe there is a place, with a barn, standing in central Maine somewhere, in need. I do.

To say we are excited is an understatement. I am not joyous to leave, but we both are ready and eager for the next step of our forming. When I left Minneapolis for Portland in 2002, who could have known what things I would do in my relationship to land, animal and people? But when I left, I knew it was a huge opening for me, and it was, in more ways than I could have known. This is how we both feel about this move. Martyn is ready to have seasonal work-he has been working manual labor as a landscaper since he was 15. He wants a change. He wants to fish. He wants to expand. He wants to be east. I too what a tweak in my work. As a wise healer I work with said, "You will always find Misfits wherever you go because they always will find you-that is part of your path here on earth." How my work will evolve with the animals, and my art and books, we will see. I will always share story, my work is about relationship.

We are 57 and as we started looking towards our 60's, we knew carrying this mortgage would become a drain. We've seen it happen over and over-people age and don't make plans, or wait to long to make a change that is needed. We are not broke, we are not in trouble, but we also know this is a needed and important financial decision for us. We want to live where the other person can carry the mortgage on their own should the other fall ill, or not have a mortgage. And we can have that and more in Maine.

We are graced to have a couple friends already there, and they have been so helpful guiding us. So we know the area we want, in fact there is one town that seems to be pulling us especially. I'm not sharing that right now but and we already are getting acquainted with the area. We are finding many possibilities. And yesterday, I signed the papers to put our property on the market.

So what do I want from you? I want your wings. I want Apifera to be blessed and carried by love from one coast to the other. I don't want advice, nor does Martyn. I want your encouragement and excitement to follow us on this big adventure. Earnest is going East. The White Dogs will have snow. The One Eyed Blind Pug will feel the sunset on his one eyeball, but this time it will rise from the Atlantic. The Atlantic, I have missed the Atlantic. I want to have a cyber village of fans and friends that cheer us on.

Leaving will be sad in many ways-but I have been through this before. Leaving is just what you do before you enter something. I have tried to tell a few people and associates-if I left you out, please don't feel hurt. I realized at some point, let it go, I can't control the hurt of others. There have been some cynical reactions too, from Oregon friends. But I am not living their lives, so I won't own any of that.

A year ago when I started painting for the Oct '15 show, I immediately had an internal voice tell me the show should be called, "Calling All Wings". I thought I knew why that was. I thought it was because I knew many of the elders were passing, many of the original Misfits were going to need wings. And that happened. But like always, there is always so much more deep down under the dirt.  I want the sky to fill up with wings, to carry us as gently as possible.

It's going to be one hell of a journey. And we are both up for one more grand adventure, one more house to help, one more barn to fill with life.


Brenda said...

Yes! You will be missed here, but go!

Terra said...

I am cheering for you and your Misfits in this new adventure. From what you wrote, it seems like the right thing for you to do. "Behold! I will send an angel before you to protect you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared." Exodus 23:20

Ellen said...

I'm so excited that you are coming east! And yes I loved my kickstarter gift!

Sharon Stanley said...

wings are always special and a good idea. just think, you will be spreading apifera from coast to coast! it's just all so exciting i almost feel like we are all on the journey with you....oh yeah, it's gonna be GREAT!!!!!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

All will be well...you must follow both heart and head and do what your desires lead you to. I am looking forward to crisp winter thoughts and lovely autumn coloured ramblings from you in the future...all the best ...love and light be with you on your amazing journey.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Each day I have huge emotional rushes....but I always end up with the grounding feeling knowing this is meant to be and is right for all of us....many hoops to jump through...many goodbyes ahead, many hellos.

Anonymous said...

Wow and I was hoping to take a trip up the NW Corridor next year and perhaps visit the misfits.......oh well, I have relatives in Maine and one has a farm. Where in Maine will you be going? I enjoy your blog so much, good luck to you and Martyn!.

Candace said...

Very exciting and surprising news, Katherine. Best wishes for a smooth move and soft landing for all or you.

Robin said...

Just stumbled across your site and am inspired. I am also doing a cross-country move from California to Vermont! Can't wait to ride along with y'all! Best of luck. xoxox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

hey Robin- wow, that's awesome. Love Vermont! You will love it, always loved a little town called Waitsfield.

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