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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marcella the caretaker

So many times I've seen her do this-stay watchful over the needy ones. This time it is Old Victor, as I wrote about in yesterday's post. Last night Victor ate well, but I watched him try to get up and he couldn't make it. I helped him stand and he could walk, but was weak. I feel his expression after one of these episodes is changing, to more of,

I am getting tired.

But this morning I was surprised to see him up, and after hay he decided he wanted to walk–or hop on three legs-around a bit. Marcella immediately came to be near him. Then she would come to me, expressing her thought of

I think he is okay, but you need to know he is needy.

Animals sense so much in other creatures, and humans. I've seen over and over-the time Marcella leaned into me while I stood talking to a very sad but angry woman who was crying-she just wanted to make sure I was safe; or when Pino the donkey positioned himself near a mute woman who had come for a healing visit, but he picked her out of a group of five; the many times my horse has stood still, while I commune in sadness near him; the vigel Marcella kept over her buddy Earnest when he fell sick.

Marcella is not afraid of Victor dying. That is not in her code. She is wary of anything she senses that seems off, or unsafe for her charges, including me.

She is a remarkable creature.


Terra said...

Marcella is brilliant, I love how you wrote that she is not afraid of dying, that is not in her code. But she alerts you to things that are wrong in her charges, including you.

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very nice article.
it is very thoughtful.
Thanks for sharing.

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