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Friday, February 19, 2016

Love the one you're with

Cornelia the little pig continues to enchant me. She has taken to Daisy, the elder matriarch of the farm. The two of them, along with Daisy's elderly daughter, Lilly, are residing in the mothers-to-be ward with the four pregnant ewes-Mavis, Ophelia, Little Lil and Alma. The mothers can be pretty pushy around food, they are after all most likely carrying twins and have no interest in sharing if they don't have to. Head butts do the trick to let Cornelia know mind her matters. But she is so short she can run under them and around them, it is pretty funny.

What melts my heart, and I finally had my camera at the right time and moment, is when the pig sleeps with Daisy. Daisy is much more tolerant of her and I often find them napping as one.

We are expecting lambs as early as next weekend. Stay tuned.