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Friday, March 18, 2016

Do you remember the first time you saw the sky?

It was a big day for the lambs yesterday. I opened up the barn and they got to see and feel Mother Earth for the first time. I was thinking that it would be interesting to be able to venture back and remember our first moment we saw sky. I kept thinking about it through the day and I came to the conclusion that perhaps we do remember it, we just aren't able to verbalize it into straightforward sentences, so we put it into art and poems. To those who are scientists, bankers or non-artists- maybe they might verbalize it in their personalities–maybe those that saw their first glimpse of sky as cloudy bursting forth with thunder and lightening became scared in new situations, maybe those who saw snow became light of heart and always remained childlike.

The month of steady down pours got to everybody, including me, so the first day of real warm sun yesterday was so...rewarding. I took a chair out into the field and watched the lambs. I didn't take my camera, I just needed to soak it in, and enjoy them. But I took this one phone shot of Otis eating with his little herd.


Candace said...

I hope you have many sunny skies ahead in Maine. Does it rain less there than OR?

Anonymous said...

Sunny right now in Maine. Snow on the way though. When I read your post title I thought about leaning upside down into the back window in my parent's station wagon to watch the sky. Used to do it all the time! xox

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