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Monday, March 28, 2016

Listen to their feet

I did this painting today, and titled it "Listen to Their Feet". As I was doing it I was unclear of the entire meaning behind it–but that is the mystery of the muses-internal messages and stories often need to linger awhile before being understood out here in the wide open world. I do know when I finished it I felt it hit a sweet spot. The Native Americans say to listen to the feet not the tongue–one's actions speak louder than words.

I've been focusing on painting this past week and will hope to continue through the month. Once we close here, it will be full speed ahead. I wish we could close now, this second. There are things I can't do until we close, important things, many things. But it will happen. It will. Perhaps this child came to me, her hands unable to produce the results she wants at this moment, but her feet are telling the world what she needs. I did go for a long walk today, something I'm determined to get back into my daily agenda. It felt good, like winged feet.


Anonymous said...

Katherine, I was immediately struck by the white where the hands would be, then noticed that there is white over her head, and that the feet and "feet wings" are all white too. No hands makes me think of the Handless Maiden tale...total trust required when heading into the woods with her babe (and no hands). Help in the form of spirit beings comes, and provides for all of the practical needs. It all ends happily in the end.

Trust...the final frontier!
I can relate. ♡

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I love that! At first I felt the need to giver her red mittens. Then I whited them out...and I just like it. The Handless Maiden....love that.

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to say that all these wings in your recent paintings reminds me of that expression, "winging it." Trust Lessons are definitely "in the air." ♡

Terra said...

The child's feet are moving, as you will do soon.

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