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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blue wings blue donkey

I am trying to focus on painting this week through the month. This is very difficult right now. I am doing my best and yesterday I did this piece, now available.

To be honest, at the moment I am very stressed. Stress is such a killer, so hard on your body and it can creep up on you and all of sudden you crash. I am a healthy person and understand this and can recognize stress and ways to relieve it, but I have to say...I broke down today. It is partially due to the details–not of moving–but of dealing with the many hoops required to close deals, and if someone besides me misses a hoop, it affects the outcome of our entire life. One missed detail can wreak havoc. I hate incompetence and when I am confronted by it in others that have a job to do, I do not react well.

So I painted my blue donkey–The door is open, but we're all on stand by.

I also cried for my mom today. I wish she were here to talk to...more than any other day I can remember.


Anonymous said...

Feel your pain, hope things smooth out. The whole process is designed to create a stressful transition. Legal junk is the death of us all. Lovely work. xox

Anonymous said...

Your artist's soul is clearly intact, despite the ongoing stress, Katherine...this one's a beauty!

For myself, I've found that talking aloud and open-heartedly to an absent person (whether by demise or mere physical distance) actually helps a great deal. Communiques to them and replies of wisdom, resolution and comfort always get returned somehow to the struggling Little Me. I think it's the "open-hearted" part that's key. ♡

lishofmann said...

Oh, I LOVE this piece! Seems to be looking forward/eastwards towards Maine, alert and ready!

As a detail person, I know so well the sense of juggling all these bits and feeling the overwhelm lurking at the edges. In times when there seems to be so much ahead of me to move through, I try to remember that always, ALWAYS I have made it through similar situations and things more or less fall into place. I LEAN into that trust that myself and others rise to the occasion.

Then there is what my Balinese healer told me ... that I have the spirits of many past lives (not quite sure how that works?!) surrounding me and ready to help out. If I can believe in that 25%, then any problem will eventually be sorted out ... but if I can believe 75% then things will happen more quickly and easily and if I can arrive at 100% believing, then everything is taken care of! Haven't had a heavy duty challenge to test this yet ... and maybe you have to be sitting across from Agus listening to him explain, but in that moment I felt deep within "I believe!"

Next week will be my mother's birthday ... I have been feeling her absence intensely of late (oh, life with a preteen! How I wish I had mom to talk to!) and as the above comment says, I am trying to talk to her outloud and pray. Our moms are probably relieved to be watching and allowing us to discover we have all of this under control. Or not. But we have it. Sending helper dragons as we speak! xo

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks all for such useful suggestions...I think its all going to be okay. I like the idea of believing things will work out-that 25%-75%-1000% way....Talking out loud- I did it today...I think it helped judging by the fact the sun finally came out and details were getting clearer too!

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