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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Porch date

We sat on the porch for the first night since last fall. It was divine. We talked about the many types of plants we can have in Maine, and those we will miss. Bit by bit we are saying goodbye to all we have done here. It is like a long movie right now with starring roles. I am taking time each day to acknowledge the many memories we have here, the work we've done to the property and house, the fun and the not so fun. Last night I looked out at the garden which is beginning to spring forth, and I remember the horrible, rotting deck that was there when we moved in. I had the memory of sitting there with my mother and father as the inspector did his job. I've looked at so many houses with them, I'm glad I got to have them here to see some of our improvements.

I almost thought of closing the blog down for a month. I thought I might be sounding like I have a sock over my head, sort of muffled, not my usual self, like a Debbie Downer of change. I am not upset in anyway, but this is a transition. It feels like I'm stuck in the middle. Until we close on this property at the end of the month, we are stuck to do anything really. We can plan, and we are, but then we pull back, thinking, "Not until the house closes will it really happen"

That is the way it goes with buying and selling–unless you are wealthy–you do a lot of waiting, and hoping for the best but it is all out of your control. I'm not complaining, I'm just....ready for the next step.

So last night was beautiful for us. And then it began to lightly rain and the smell of spring was pungent. The hope of spring is every where now.


Anonymous said...

Celebrating the living on your land is a beautiful way to move into your moving. Body and soul. xox

Candace said...

I'm not thinking of you as a Debbie Downer of change. I'm appreciating your insights into this transition and feeling like I'm experiencing a little of it with you.

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