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Sunday, July 03, 2016

It's time for The Very Bad Haircut

As some of you who follow along already know, I give Very Bad Haircuts–and today's lucky recipient was Birdie. She did very well, pretty well anyway. She is much easier to trim than Aldo the Elder was, and there was no cow kicking [although she was on the verge].

I never plan out my Very Bad Haircut days which is part of the reason I give Very Bad Haircuts-my scissors are never as sharp as they should be for starters, but when the hankering to give a Very Bad Haircut takes over, I can't stop myself. So chop away we did. Birdie has easy hair to cut, it is very fine. I saved some to use in the Emerging Crone Workshop.

Llamas can lay down on you when you are trimming. You can still keep working on them, or I do, which means part of their legs don't get trimmed, and this adds to my skill as a Very Bad Haircutter. But we got it done. I took her out to walk her afterwards and she did what she always does after a Very Bad Haircut–she took a good roll in the dust.

The concluding part of giving this Very Bad Haircut was I got vacuumed. My husband, ladies, some of you covet this, but he vacuums. So today he vacuumed me as I was covered in Birdie hair.


Anonymous said...

Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed her dirt bath to get rid of the rest of that loose hair. Vacuuming husbands are great, I have one too. xox Happy 4th, have a lobstah roll tomorrow for the 4th. xox

lishofmann said...

When I look at Birdie, all I see are her amazing eyes! I love her shaggy look. And a vacuuming husband - wow! Well, mine does the bathrooms so I cannot complain as I would rather vacuum myself :) Happy Fourth! xo

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