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Friday, July 29, 2016

The little healer

Pino did wonderfully, again, in his therapy mission last night-to stand and let the people touch him, pet him, talk to him, and admire everything about him. Pino is a natural at this. I did feel he was a little out of sorts last night, as was I for some reason. We were both a little lost last night. I noticed he put his head into me a lot, and I talked to him many times in the night. Maybe we both needed each other for some reason. As we stood together at some point looking out at the ocean's bay, salt air thick in the humid night, I wondered if he understood where we were. Of course I've told him, but I wonder if he has a sense of loss too-after all his birthplace and parents still live in Oregon.

I'm being overly dramatic and analytical.

Anyway, we met some great people last night, of all ages from Maine and elsewhere. The best line of the night came from a four year boy, who put his hand on me and waited for me to finish a conversation I was having, and then he very politely asked,

"Is he for sale?"

His older sister chimed in with,

"He only has $3 and he's also saving for a pool."

That made the haul into town worth it. Pino made a whopping $5 in his tip bucket, and I sold...wait for it...one book. I am well aware these events are more about exposure, and long ago I made vow to never do art fairs, because as my painting mentor told me, show your work in venues that are parallel to the price range and customer. People go to outdoor art walks to browse and eat ice-cream on a hot night [several people asked where they could get ice cream], not buy $1400 paintings. So I can say I am not surprised, and I could say to myself you already told yourself this, but one can always hope they sell something or meet a collector. Maybe I did and I don't know it yet. I did get two more senior facility ideas from someone.

The little healer was tired I think. He didn't bray once, versus last month when he brayed several times. I suppose this shows he knew what the gig was all about and was comfortable. But I sensed his tiredness. This morning I went out to feed and he was braying his heart out, I guess all rested, or very ready for his hay.


Anonymous said...

Priceless quote from the child who wanted to buy Pino!! I'm wondering who was your painting mentor that you referred to, Katherine...such good advice he/she gave you and you shared here...

2 said...

Oh, Katherine! You are like the sun! You and Pino and Martyn. I think it is so good your new community is learning more about you this way.

littlemancat said...

If I were living nearby, I would so happily have come to see the little healer and you. Love the pic of Pino's hoof and the child's feet.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks for the kind uplifting comments everyone!

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