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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The World's Grumpiest Pig has the shock of a lifetime

The-World's-Grumpiest-But-I-Am-Fine-the-Way-I-Am-Pig had quite a startling morning. And as I had my apparatus to get it quickly on video, I did. I was beginning my morning feedings and always feed Eleanor and her gang first, followed by the new chicks, and Rosie. But Rosie often sleeps in deep, deep slumbers. Sometimes I am shouting to her to was up for breakfast.

The chicks are getting more active and have taken to sitting on her pen door, but this morning they were all huddled together, with the so far nameless rooster. I admit it, I turned on my video and waited for Rosie to wake up.

And wake up she did! The conversation was not that polite, but I already explained to the chickens that you don't mess with the pig's slumber, or her bed. She lived with chickens in Old barn in our former farm, but had more room and sometimes I'd find her bedded down with Papa Roo-sigh.

So the chicks got their first taste of grumpy pig explanations this morning.

"Humph phrumph el brrrr!!! Hrupfhhhhh!" she gnarled at them. "What in the world is going on!?"

"Excuse us, we didn't mean any trouble," said the biggest of the chicks. We just found your hut so much more open than ours. And you leave a lot of food laying around, you are a bit messy."

"ARGHrrrupolstompous!" the pig snapped.

"Oh my, gather up girls, let us go sit a bit farther to the south of the suite."

And they did. And Rosie went back to bed. No need to get up and eat when you have food all day.

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