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Monday, January 15, 2018

Does everyone really get to dream?

Today we honor the man who gave up so much in his life, and his life itself, to help people of color. The tenacity, insight and bravery it took to continually face oppression, risk physical beatings and jail time, and still set out each day with determination...is to be honored. We honor you Dr. King.

White people are still oppressing people of color, this is no secret. We've come far, but we have so much to do to learn from one another and to let ll people...dream. I looked at this quote from my "Donkey Dream" book, and I thought, some might be offended I post this on the day we honor King. But I thought about it, and thought it might be a good way to point out that I have always been able to dream, and keep dreaming. I have not been oppressed by a system that is run by whites, white men to be exact. Yes, I've had my sexist instances as a woman, I'm constantly being mansplained to, talked to inappropriately, and other things I don't want to share. But I am White, in a White driven country. I never had to fear I'd be beaten, or killed just by the color of my skin. I did not fear for any of my family that they might be disadvantaged or in harm due to their whiteness. I was not wealthy, but I was privileged simply by my whiteness.

So this image of my beloved a donkey-represents the dream I had to have a farm, to grow wings there and allow so many new things to come into my life, and to share it though my art and writings. I think it also represents white privilege. I will still dream, I hope I don't find myself in a position at some time of my life due to age, illness, or economics, that I fear to dream.

But there are many who start out disadvantaged simply by their race, class or circumstances. How do some of them even start to dream if we exclude them, shun them, or oppress them from the opportunities we all deserve in this country?