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Friday, January 12, 2018

New elders arrive!

Else is on the right, the hermaphrodite is on the left
I had intended on bringing two home. Somehow three ended up in the truck. Oops.

We drove up to Augusta to rendezvous in the parking lot of the civic center to make the big goat exchange. My life is full of wonderful things-getting to visit new places I've never been, hang out with my husband while doing it...and drive around with old goats.

They are all female, although the vets says one is a hermaphrodite. I have not examined her yet, but will need to investigate. It's a first at Apifera, anyway.

They were the most well behaved goats on the ride home. I can not go into any details about the rescue case, but over 100 animals were taken from a private residence, including about 20 goats. Due to the court case, they were in limbo since August and were homed at a rescue farm a couple hours away. I was in touch with the state on the proceedings and the case was finally resolved and we were able to pick them up yesterday. The farm did a great job putting weight on them which I'm grateful for since it is winter-and I also have a new contact to be in touch with about helping animals.

I hung with them when we got home, put them in the barn with Sir Tripod Goat. I decided to put little Opie in with Marcella so the new girls could acclimate without a little bucket of love bouncing all over. Sir Tripod is so forgiving and tolerant and took it in stride napping in his little cubby. I told the girls first thing that this was now their home, they would not have to leave or move again. They have had a lot of change int he past six months. They are doing just fine. I believe animals sense intention in us, and my intention is pure.

The rescue farm was calling the one girl Else, which I think suits her. She is a bit shy around animals but really likes people and I think she responds to her name, so Else she is. She has arthritis. The other two I have to take time to hear their names...stay tuned. The one with the horns has a crippled hind end, but do not let that fool you-she is a whipper snapper for sure. The bigger girl is a beautiful brown-red, I love her, and she likes to walk around with her tongue out–we all have our unique beauties.

Not only do I have a mate that gladly hops in the truck to help me pick up old goats, I found him happily cleaning out my truck after we got home.

Life is good. Stay tuned as the new arrivals settle in.


Best co-pilot ever, and he even cleaned the truck