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Thursday, February 04, 2021

All of yesterday

Yesterday I got to the barn and just enjoyed my chores. I've learned to slow down in morning and I don't schedule meetings and such until later in morning if I can. I figure I rushed around in my early career and can relax a bit now. 

But the snow was pretty and untouched [in most places, I didn't show you the poop piles in well lived in areas]. 

I took lunch time and hung out with the elder cats. And I talked a lot to Victoria, one of the elder chickens we took on some time ago. She seems to be separating herself a bit more and I wonder if she is starting her next journey. I really love her but she is elderly. I'm hoping she can get to Spring and warmer air. 

There are a lot of angry people out there. I've been inward for many weeks now. I rarely read things online right now except my morning papers, and my business pages. My shadow puppets are really fun and magical and giving me something positive to do. I am percolating a new book but just not ready to explore it in depth. And of course there are our elder friends, and our Facetime Fridays with the animals to bring them some joy. It really helps them and I wish I was more adept at sound equipment and online tactics and I'd put on a better show for them. 

I'm very happy I can help my community and slowly become part of it, all the while being able to paint and write and be with my animals and farm. I think if you can do that it really helps in any time of a life, but especially now.