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Sunday, February 14, 2021

The real deal called love


I got the real deal with Martyn. If I'd met him when I was 20 or 30, who knows if I would have recognized what I saw in him the second we met-when he knocked on my door the day I moved into the house in Portland, which was next to his. I immediately sensed what he was. Martyn is not a gift giver-but he brings me many little things -flower buds, seeds for example. He builds things. He cooks. And yes, he vaccums, alot. I am better at other household duties-taxes, the bills, groceries, online needs...We share many dutirs, but he is the vacuum king, I can't deny it. What takes me 5 minutes max to vacuum, it can take Martyn all morning because, well, he's just better atit. So that is my valentine, and I'll take it. I made him lemon bars. But every day is the same-we just like each other and we laugh.